Often gathering the strength to leave an abusive relationship is more than many can bear. When you add to that stress the need to file a restraining order, gather evidence, speak with police officers or child services, find an attorney, and navigate a confusing court system; many simply give up. She is here specifically to help you through that process. Nothing is scarier than sitting in court alone waiting for your name to be called, looking for your attorney, fearful that your abuser could sit down beside you and abuse again now using the court system as the weapon. All too often the abused have collected the wrong “evidence,” are confused as to what points are germane, and struggle with managing the process. Karen is here to help. She can join you in court, she is available for pre- and post- lawyer meetings to help you prepare and debrief, she can help you put together a strategy for doing what is best for you and your children, and she is there to hear you and help you through all your worries and concerns. Karen can even assemble a team to help you pack items in safety and leave.

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