Risk Assessment

Abuse accusations are devastating. In most cases, much of the evidence used in abuse cases is intangible. Those who are trying to prove abuse to the courts are often left with only personal testimony or, in many cases, confused testimony gathered from those who are sometimes too young to give an understandable account of events. Those who have been accused are vulnerable to false or exaggerated charges and often feel like there is no way to disprove the charges. For this and various other reasons, our unique behavior assessment techniques can be invaluable in court. Our assessment seeks to answer the questions of abuse based on factual gathering of information by a highly trained multi-disciplinary group of researchers: psychologists, forensic investigators, background investigators, and others. They then take their research and plug the data into a sophisticated model that interprets patterns of behavior.

Our model has been successfully used in child custody cases, criminal child abuse cases, domestic violence cases, law enforcement liability and other criminal matters. Not only can we bring to bear quantifiable models to show patterns of abusive behavior; our model has also successfully helped those who were wrongfully accused. What makes our assessment different than traditional social services interviews is that we can quantify our data and it is never left to a single point of interpretation. We offer full assessments for the courts (in CA, we qualify for Evidence Code 730). We can also offer a shorter review for court ordered 3111 and 3118 matters, only in California at this time.

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